Top 10 Benefits of Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp at Hom

  1. Purifies the AirOne of the main roles of a Himalayan salt lamp is to purify the air. That said, salt lamps can remove any cigarette smoke, dust and pollen from the room you’re in.The way Himalayan salt lamps cleanse the air is through hygroscopy. This is a process which attracts water molecules and turns them into crystals. A salt lamp uses the bulb heat to make this water evaporate and go back into the air, while the dangerous particles absorbed remain attached to the lamp salt.
  2. Prevents AsthmaAsthma can be caused by pet hair, dust, mildew and more. Because of that, a Himalayan salt lamp can eliminate all those particles in a week or two.
  3. Alleviates CoughingWhile eliminating harmful particles, Himalayan salt lamps can also change the charge of the molecules. Positive ions, which are already present in your home, stimulate the salt lamp to prevent a successful inhaling of these ions.Most of the positive ions are caused by electronic devices we have at home, and can interfere with the proper work of our respiratory system.
  4. Boosts the EnergyIf you don’t have the time to walk in nature or do sports, you can count on Himalayan salt lamps to retrieve your lost energy. Placing salt lamps in your bedroom and living room can help you wake up better and have lots of stamina to endure the daily obstacles.
  5. Prevents EMF ExposureEMF radiation mostly stems from electronic gadgets we have at home. These devices can include anything from TVs, Wi-Fi routers, phones, laptops, and tablets.
  1. Thankfully, salt lamps are very successful in eliminating radiation oozing from these devices, which lets you use them and still enjoy a healthy environment at home.
  2. Improves the SleepAnother great benefit of Himalayan salt lamps is their ability to ameliorate the sleeping process. From insomnia to restlessness, salt lamps cleanse the air, thus introducing a healthier sleep.Positive ions usually attach to the oxygen in the room and spoil it. And, as salt lamps introduce negative ions to the air, they can work amazing for inducing healthier sleep. Make the most of your salt lamp and turn it on before going to sleep. If you live in a more humid environment, know that the lap may condensate, so placing it in a saucer would be recommended so you avoid moisture.
  3. Enhances the Mood and FocusIf you need an instant mood booster while at home, turn on your Himalayan salt lamp. The lamp not only helps eliminate moodiness but also introduces better concentration. The lamp itself helps to improve your blood flow and allow oxygen to reach your brain, which then introduces greater serotonin levels. Hello, happy!
  4. Manages Seasonal Affective DisorderKnowing that negative ions help boost the energy, salt lamps are also great for suppressing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. This gives you the chance to enjoy the sunshine vibe even on gloomy days.
  5. Prevents Static ElectricityStatic electricity is one of the causes of frustration, anxiety, and shyness. Static attracts dust, which is why you cannot clean your house as well as you want. However, once static electricity is gone, you will once again enjoy the beneficial atmosphere of your home.
  6. Represents an Environmentally-Appropriate Light SourceFinally, Himalayan salt lamps are great for keeping the environment safe. All HPS lamps are normally made of sustainable wood, like neem. Add low-wattage bulbs to the mix, and your salt lamp will spend less energy, and also give you loads of health benefits.

Where to Place your Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt lamps have different sizes of crystals. For that, smaller lamps (5-8 lbs.) are best placed in the bedroom. At the same time, larger lamps (11-15 lbs.) work great for your living room space or your den.

Know that typically, 1 lb. Himalayan salt crystal can cover a 4′ x 4′ area.