10 Scientifically Acknowledged Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Speaking of our health, no product has offered greater protection than apple cider vinegar. Known for its specific flavor and an array of benefits, apple cider vinegar makes part our daily diet. But, aside from alternative medicine, standard medicine also recognizes ACV as one of the strongest protectors of our health.

Below, let’s discuss how apple cider vinegar helps your body recover, and how science came to acknowledge ACV’s main benefits.

10 Scientifically Acknowledged Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Rich in Acetic AcidAcetic acid, as per numerous studies, is in charge of regulating the blood pressure and our weight.However, acetic acid is actually a bacteria which thrives during the process of fermentation. Also known as the ‘mother’, acetic acid usually has a 4 -7% presence in distilled vinegar, and 5- 6% presence in wine vinegar.Note: Acetic acid is not considered vinegar, and should not be used as such in nutrition or otherwise.
  2. Fights CancerApple cider vinegar is amazing for killing cancerous cells. In extensive research, scientists showed that ACV is great for suppressing the growth of new cancer cells in the body. The liquid is especially beneficial for preventing esophageal and bladder cancer.
  3. Eliminates BacteriaApple cider vinegar has long been used to mend and heal wounds. At the same time, this great product eliminates other bacteria, like E. coli and S. aureus.
  4. Regulates the Cholesterol and Protects the HeartApple cider vinegar is amazing with reducing the LDL, or bad cholesterol, from the body. In addition, it cleanses the blood vessels and strengthens their structure.

  1. A study in the field included more than 70,000 women and concluded that a regular ACV intake can significantly decrease symptoms of ischemic heart disease.
  2. Manages DiabetesApple cider vinegar is very important to patients suffering from high blood sugar and diabetes. A study from the Arizona University explains that a mix of 20 grams of ACV, 49 grams water and 1 tsp. saccharine can decrease the risk of diabetes by 35%. The best way to take this drink is before each meal.
  3. Keeps the Teeth HealthyAfter examining over 100 teeth infected with the E. faecalis bacteria, experts found that ACV cleared the bacteria almost completely.
  4. Improves Response to InsulinA 2004 study involved three groups of people for their related experiment. The three groups drank a mix of 20 grams apple cider vinegar, 40 grams water and a tsp. saccharine. Immediately after, the participants had to eat a bagel with butter and drink a glass of orange juice.The people partook in the study were either diagnosed with Type II diabetes or had troubles absorbing insulin. Ultimately, the study stated that by taking ACV, participants dropped their insulin sensitivity by 34%. At the same time, by drinking the concoction, diabetic participants reduced the symptoms of the condition by 19%.
  5. Burns FatsApple cider vinegar is amazing when it comes to melting fats quickly and effectively. In a study done in mice, ACV showed amazing results in losing excess fats from the body. An actual human study analyzed two groups of subjects with similar diets. The only difference in their diets was the added apple cider vinegar in one of the groups. The 12-week study showed that those who consumed ACV lost 1-2 pounds in weight, which remained unchanged in the second group.
  6. Treats Sunburns and Insect BitesAnother great benefit of apple cider vinegar is its ability to heal sunburns. Also, apple cider vinegar helps prevent pain and itchiness caused by insect stings or bites. The best way to use ACV in both cases is to add a few tablespoons of it to your bath or shower.
  7. Eliminates DandruffIf you have been struggling with dandruff, know that apple cider vinegar can help. To make the most of it, mix it with equal parts of water and apply on the scalp. Keep the mix on for 1-2 hours and rinse well after. Repeat once or twice a week for best results.